Meeting room for top management

The range of tasks to be solved always determines and approach to design, but although the name includes the word "room", do not think that the meeting room - it is necessarily a small room, somewhere between 10-12 meters.

Of course, it all depends on the potential number of participants, sometimes for two people a large room is too much and you can hold the meeting in the office. But here's the thing - the office will not feel the status of the company. A confined space, an ordinary desk, a laptop or a monitor, all this does not contribute to the effect of "Wow!", which generally helps a lot in negotiations.

When planning an important event, take care of the comfort of the participants.

When employees gather as department heads or are responsible for entire areas of company and product development, they need space. Space, both personal and for their opinions. The situation when 3-4 people are staring at the screen of a 14-inch laptop trying to discern something is unacceptable. It certainly doesn't create, "wow," or "how cool they are."

Most often, when contacting our consultants, clients tell us about the classic version of the equipment, when the table is in the center of the room, and the participants are located on both long sides of the table or along one of the short sides. Then we recommend placing a display on the opposite wall, preferably at least 50 inches to show multimedia materials.

Instead of the usual bulky tables, usually littered with a variety of printed documents, and small tablets or laptops, conference participants can use interactive panels that can be controlled by touch. An interactive multi-touch display, this is a great alternative to a regular tablet.


The INTBOARD team believes that a meeting room is, above all, a corporate space that should be equipped with technological audio-visual complex equipment for comfortable and effective meetings, meetings with clients, presentations to partners, "brainstorming" or discussions in order to quickly solve business processes and strategic objectives.


Any digital information: videos, images, charts and diagrams are displayed on the panel screen for collective viewing and making changes. Sometimes it is very important to discuss a new idea or concept quickly in order to move forward, so a properly arranged meeting room is not only about saving money, but most importantly, it's about your time.