Interactive panel for school and kindergarten

What is the most important thing in the educational process? Many options can be heard, but in our opinion it is motivation. Agree, it's not easy to keep students' attention in a world dominated by technology today. Every time, teachers need to give their students knowledge in a form that captures their attention so that they learn quickly and successfully all the information they need.


Until recently, there was no alternative to public schools, and they are not always able to give children the level of education that parents desire. Consider also a lot of teachers of the old system, which in most cases do not want to introduce progressive methods of education. That is why private educational institutions have become popular and if there is a choice, the option of a private school or kindergarten always wins.


In many ways, interactive boards are replacing old chalkboards in classrooms for 10-12 children. Today's interactive displays have many features that improve the learning process not only for students, but for teachers as well.

Інтерактивний стіл Intboard™ ZABAVA

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Інтерактивний стіл Intboard™ STYLE

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The capabilities of today's equipment give teachers perspectives, the ability to collaborate simultaneously, and many tools that make learning really interesting.

What criterion can be chosen for a private school to answer questions about the success of this business? First of all, it is the number of children in the school or a separate class, willing to attend classes every day. Interested students who are happy to go to school, to kindergarten is exactly the asset, thanks to which you can not only continue your business, but seriously think about scaling the business.

A striking example of a private educational institution, successfully used in the training of interactive panels INTBOARD, is Sumy Private Gymnasium and educational complex "Prosperitas.

«Просперітас»«Prosperitas» is a progressive institution with a 27-year history, values, and philosophy of its own.