INTBOARD interactive table in the mall

The need to set up a nursery in a mall is due to several important factors. A time when moms stayed home with the kids and dads took care of business. Now work and recreation are shared by two ... or rather three. And that third person is often not at all interested in wandering around with mom looking for a blouse or going with dad to a business meeting.

Familiar locations like mini-fountains or brightly colored booths are no surprise for a long time - little ones need something more grandiose. Leaving your son or daughter in the playroom, supervised by an animator or babysitter, parents are more likely to spend a lot more money, because otherwise they just don't have time to do it. And the more interesting the play area, the longer children want to play without distracting their family.

The INTBOARD interactive table is a cost-effective solution for setting up a game room in a shopping center. It is a highly sensitive touch panel displaying multimedia files. Broadcasting is performed on the surface of the table.


INTBOARD touch table vs. classic children's area: what's the difference?

НFilling. The familiar area for children's play consists of many little things - starting with pencils and ending with furniture. Dozens of coloring sheets, drawing paper, paints, chalk and chalkboards, puzzles, constructors, toys, toys, toys again... It's expensive to buy it all at once and replenish supplies, but keeping it in order is a real quest. And clutter will win out anyway.

INTBOARD interactive table... and you don't need anything else. Experience shows that installation of only a touch panel satisfies children's need for entertainment by 100%. There are a lot of games, puzzles, educational programs, quests ... By arranging two different play areas, customers are more likely to be convinced of the need to introduce the latest technology into the business.

Financial feasibility. The cost per table is transparent and clear. Service does not need an additional financial investment. We are talking about a one-time investment, justifying itself immediately. Now count how much the hundreds of coloring books, pencils, puzzles, scrapbooks, etc. bought in a year cost. You'd be surprised, but that number is cosmic. Stocks of classic play area should be constantly replenished, spending finances and employees' time.

Safety. Everyone knows that small parts should not fall into the hands of mischievous children, and pencils should only be used for their intended purpose and under adult supervision. But who monitors children when the room is crowded or some of the visitors are too active. INTBOARD interactive table is completely safe in this regard due to several factors:

Getting hurt while playing at the touch table is almost impossible.

Order. There are some places that are very hard to keep clean. The children's room is one of them. It is a cleaner's nightmare, but not with INTBOARD. Ordinary toys rarely end up in their places after play, because situations when a child is interested in something else and forgets to return a bunny or a teddy bear to the shelf, happen all the time. Now imagine the animator collecting and sorting out puzzles, constructors, sets ... Often after the games of young artists unrecognized masterpieces remain on the walls, furniture and other unexpected places.

Ability to interest. Show a child who doesn't have a daisy or a puzzle at home. And who doesn't have an interactive table? It says it all. Touch panel, which can instantly respond to the touch, playing a quality picture and accompanying sound - that's what surprises and delights. More interesting may be the only "flying saucer". Genuine.