What does a children's play area for 1m² look like?

Stylish design of the room, conveniently located areas for visitors, menu, staff. These points are always taken into account in all establishments. 


But that's not what we're talking about today.

A great example of caring for visitors, large and small. While the parents are relaxing and enjoying the taste of the food, the children are busy having fun and are not distracted from the undoubtedly important, "adult" activities.


And, as usual, in a large barrel of honey, there were nuances. Coloring books, felt-tip pens, and pencils are constantly scattered around the room. Individual fragments of toys could be found in the most unexpected places.


Agree, constantly updating the composition of the game props, repairing and replacing copies that have not passed the test of endurance and durability - not something that should be a headache for the manager.


Hiring an animator to entertain restless children is not particularly profitable or promising, given the size of the game room and the ambition of the restaurant, after all, this is not an ice cream parlor. There is a problem that needs to be turned into a challenge. 

Consequently, it is necessary to:

It wasn't easy, it wasn't even clear where to start. The team started brainstorming and looking for better ideas.


And yet, the stars aligned, the blue moon appeared, and the manager of the restaurant "Gagarin burgers&meat" saw the interactive table INTBOARD STYLE on the Internet. It seemed to be the right decision at first sight.


After consulting with the manager, absolutely all fears (and there were many) were not justified! It really is an option that meets all the conditions of the task.


The large touch screen is protected by shockproof glass. Supports 10 simultaneous touches, for four people to play at once. 

"INTBOARD JOY" branded software with more than 60 exciting applications.


Stylish metal case, which is unlikely to be damaged. Built-in audio system, Wi-Fi support.


And all this technological beauty takes up no more than a square meter of space!


We are very glad that our products helped to solve the problem for the restaurant Gagarin burgers &meat from Vinnitsa.