Modern preschool institutions

A network of modern kindergartens WE LOWE KIDS became one of the first in Ukraine among private educational institutions, which included in its educational program elements of gaming tasks with an interactive table INTBOARD STYLE.

Educators and developmentalists have long been on the lookout for learning tools that could combine: tactility, rapid development of the child's psyche, or bluntly put: learning and fun. One of the conditions was also that it should be modern, safe and with elements of teamwork.

There were some options under consideration, but the interactive table from INTBOARD was exactly what was needed.

But to make such a purchase at once, modern and still little-known equipment, is not so easy. This is always the case when something is new, there are no acquaintances, no reviews from experts who could say exactly whether it is worth investing in it or not.

The way out of this situation was the "Interactive Table for Test" service. After hearing about this opportunity, the kindergarten management immediately agreed and a few days later the interactive table INTBOARD was in the Lviv branch of the WE LOWE KIDS kindergarten network.

We always go out of our way to meet customers and if you would like to buy an interactive table or touchpad, but are not sure about its effectiveness for your establishment, you can take the table for a test period. It's easy. Leave a request by the number on the site or in a special form on the main page. Then answer the manager's questions, approve the contract and pay the sum insured. That's all. This procedure can take from several hours to several days. And then, the children's table is sent to you.

Children's interactive table is not just a toy or entertainment - it is a full-fledged learning center, which is best able to engage the new generation in the learning process. And this is not just the words of the manufacturer, the seller, or the research of scientists - this is the experience of real people.

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INTBOARD STYLE is a bright and comfortable touch table, thanks to which children can draw, play, study and just have fun. 10 simultaneous touches make the table accessible to several children at once, and convenient ergonomics will allow them to be seated side by side without disturbing each other.