Multimedia interactive equipment

We make children's interactive tables, touch panels and information terminals
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Meeting rooms and meeting rooms

Using the interactive panel is the easiest way quickly organize a center for discussion and presentation of information.

Shops and boutiques

While parents study the range, entertain the child for 40-60 minutes. Increases the stay by half. People return 3 times more often to the place where they liked the service. Re-sales occur 60% more often.

Coworking and workspace organization

Use the touch-multimedia center to organize a collective office with the concept of "open space".

Kindergartens, elementary school

Increases the status of your institution in the eyes of parents and helps increase the average check by 30%. Licensed software "Intboard JOY" is designed to develop memory, logic, attention and reaction. Helps to spend time usefully and interestingly encouraging children to succeed.

Cafes, coffee shops and restaurants

It is now easier to attract family customers and increase the average check by 40%. An interactive table, as an alternative or addition to the children's corner, increases the attendance of the institution during the day by 33%. A tireless and interesting animator who entertains children and saves up to 40,000 hryvnias a year in salaries.

Media center for the head's office

You have all the information you need to make important decisions on one screen. Quick organization of video meetings, meetings and scheduled meetings.
Special conditions for the purchase of interactive equipment
with a minimum order of 2 units

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